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Using your specifications, the construction of your tool begins at the computer. During this phase it is possible to make any alterations or improvements you may feel necessary.

CNC Technology

After the construction stage has been completed, the construction data is transferred immediately to the CNC computer system. The mechanisation of the milling process can take place in accordance with the compiled data.

Erosion centres

In addition to the CNC milling machine, we also work with the most up-to-date wire and lowerable erosion machines allowing us to employ a great diversity of techniques. These vary according to the type of project and the individual requirements of the product.

Final assembly

The separate parts of the tools which have been produced mechanically are subsequently fitted and assembled precisely by hand.

Final testing

After the final assembly we run the first shear test and make any corrections necessary. The product is tested and optimized until the prescribes from and dimensions have been attained. Only then does the customer officially take over the tool after a quality control.

Our test centre

In our test centre we are able to supervise the tools up to the official take-over stage. It is also possible extrude the “0” series and undertake small-scale commissions for a set fee according to the customer’s wishes.
Our stock of machines:

  • BATTENFELD 1-60-25
  • BATTENFELD 1-30-25

Quality control

The words “Quality Management” for us mean the continual use of the latest technology and the refinement of our work processes. Our customers can be assured that their wishes and demands will be met in line with the highest standards.

The finished tool

A precise extrusion tool make a valuable contribution to the quality of your finished product. This die with a calibre for a polycarbonate profile is just one example of the numerous possibilities we have at our disposal to meet your exact requirements.